Imagine being able to borrow tools instead of buying them.

Who wants to own a tool you use once or twice? For less than the cost of renting or buying one tool you could have an annual membership to borrow hundreds of tools.

It just makes sense.

That’s why so many cities and communities across the US have launched tool libraries in the past decade. For once NYC is behind the times. Let’s fix that!


Our Mission

To promote resiliency, sustainability and community-driven projects by providing affordable access to tools and skills for residents of Gowanus and surrounding neighborhoods.

This will benefit all area residents by reducing waste and making tools available at low cost. It especially benefits residents with barriers to basic tool use, either because of income or lack of knowledge/confidence about tools.

We believe this will lead to personal empowerment, increased community projects, nicer neighborhoods and homes, reduced consumption, and more resilient and connected communities.

A Prototype

In addition to creating a local tool library and educational resource, our vision is to develop a working prototype that can be easily recreated in other NYC neighborhoods. We are making all of our planning and operations documents “open source” —available for anyone who wants to better understand what it takes to start a tool library in their neighborhood.